Rutland Sailing Club

The size of Rutland Water ensures that whether members want to race or cruise there is space for all to enjoy their sailing.

Introduction to the Rutland Fleet

At the time it was dug out Rutland Water became the largest man-made reservoir in the UK. Completed in 1975, it has no natural feed but draws water from the rivers Nene and Welland. It supplies drinking water to the growing population in the south of the UK. It now covers over 4200 acres (4.19 sq. Miles) and has become one of the largest leisure and wildlife areas in the East Midlands.

Rutland Sailing Club was formed in the 1960s and in its heyday had over 2000 members. Now the membership averages around 700 each year. The club boasts over 150 swinging moorings with a ferry service or you can dry sail from the seven slipways. Because of the large expanse of water there is plenty of room for all types of sailing from 'Oppies' to 26’ Cruiser Racers and the membership has access to sailing 365 days of the year.

Whether you sail a Yeoman or Kinsman you will be welcome at RSC. The Kinsman Fleet has slowly developed its racing potential over the years and joins in with the Cruisers racing on Sundays and Thursday evenings. There is also a large Sailability Fleet at RSC and they enjoy keel boat sailing in their two modified Kinsman, one of which has wheel steering.

John Vickers
K38 'Belinda'